The Origin Of Birthday Celebrations

It all started with the Egyptians.
Scholars who study the Bible say that the earliest mention of a birthday was around 3,000 B.C.E. and was in reference to a Pharaoh’s birthday. But further study implies that this was not their birth into the world, but their “birth” as a god.

Early civilizations had no way to keep track of time other than by using the moon, sun, or some other important event. This made it difficult for them to pay attention to the anniversary of a person’s birth.

Should Christians celebrate birthdays?

There is no prohibition against a Christian celebrating birthdays in Scripture, nor is there anything to indicate we are required to celebrate them. Scripturally speaking, a Christian’s celebrating a birthday is a non-issue. The Bible does mention two individuals celebrating birthdays: the Egyptian Pharaoh in Joseph’s time (Genesis 40:20) and King Herod in Jesus’ time (Matthew 14:6; Mark 6:21). Some point to these references as evidence that celebrating birthdays is wrong; since both men were non-believing individuals, their birthday celebrations are seen as some form of pagan ritual. However, that conclusion is not readily drawn from either passage. The Bible does not even hint that it was wrong for Pharaoh or Herod to celebrate his birthday. Neither does Scripture anywhere discourage a Christian from celebrating a birthday.

Why Do We Celebrate Birthdays?

Birthdays are a good reminder of what God has given us. In fact, reminders are biblical; God commanded the Israelites to set up stones to remind them of what God has done for them (Joshua 4:1–7). Moreover, when celebrating birthdays, we would be remiss if we were not to remember the most important birthday—the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Birthdays are always special, be it the birthday of your family member or closest friends. But what about your own birthday? Isn’t that infinity times more special because we get to be the center of attention and receiver of so much love for the whole day, and not to mention the uncountable gifts! We always send wishes for others’ birthdays, but wishing for yourself is not a bad idea too! If you want to uplift your mood and celebrate your day, write a self-birthday wish or choose one from here!

Thank you Lord for blessing me with another new year and a bouncing baby boy. May Your Name Be Praise In Jesus Name, Amen. Happy Birthday To Me!

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