U.S teacher addresses clamor for her resignation over her physique

Roxsana Diaz, an Art teacher in a New Jersey preschool, United States of America has addressed those who are calling for her resignation due to her physique.

Speaking during an Instagram live session on Thursday, August 25, the artist and school teacher stated that those who are calling for her resignation are simply trying to take away her dreams of being a school teacher and serving the purpose of imparting knowledge unto her students.

In the opening part of her speech on IG live, the art teacher stated that she is currently focused on meeting with the new children that will be resuming the school after the summer holiday comes to a conclusion. She added that she wants the kids to have a comprehensive time ahead of the new session.

Addressing the controversy hovering around her physique, Diaz stated that it is ironic that most mothers of her students have shown massive support for her since the clamor for resignation began.

She added that she is surprised at the support she has been receiving through letters and words of mouth, however, there are ‘some women who are trying to cancel her’ because of stereotype.

The art teacher added that it has been the tabloids and other agencies that have set up an agenda to put her out her ‘dream’ because of ‘what she looks like’.

Speaking further, Diaz stated that since the demand for her resignation went viral, she has been able to inspire other young individuals to take interest in Visual Arts and other forms of creative work. She stated that she is thankful with the way her life is currently going and has no intention of losing herself because of anybody.

The school teacher revealed that she has no intention of resigning anytime soon despite the harsh criticism from her ‘haters’.


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