The Simplest way To Join Aim Global Business

How to Join Alliance in Motion Global

Aim global rally


1. YOU NEED SPONSOR (that’s me)-a credible and updated upline who can guide you and show you what to do.

2. Buy a Global Package. The Global Package contains all the products and benefits of AIM Global. The package also contains the REGISTRATION CODE, your identity code or ID code in AIM Global. To buy Global Package, contact me,if you’re only inside PHILIPPINES, I can guide you to buy it at the main office branch or at the Regional Business Center Offices around the country. But if you’re outside Philippines, I can show you our office address in Brunei, Malaysia, Hawaii, Korea, Kuwait, Sampan, Japan, USA, Indonesia, Switzerland, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Taiwan, and Nigeria. But if you’re not in these countries, I can ship you the products from here to you. At most times, this is going to be the SPONSOR’S JOB or MY JOB

3. DTC Registration. Once you already have the Global Package, check the content of the package if it has the Registration Card included. And if you already have it, you are now ready to have your own Distributor’s Tracking Center Page.
First, go to and pick the country that you are currently in.
For example, you are in NIGERIA, click the PHILIPPINE Flag in the left side of the website homepage.
After clicking the country flag, you will be redirected to your local login page where you can see the latest updates about AIM Global in your country. This is also the page where you can find login link which is located in the right – upper right side of the page. Once you click the login link above, you will be redirected to the registration and login page. Once you are in the page, you have the choice whether you want to login (if you are already a member) or you want to register an account.

In our case, we will click the “Register” since our goal is to register an account and have your own DTC. After clicking the register link, fill-up the information needed in the form.The red arrow shows you the input box that ask you an Sponsor ID and Upline ID. You can ask the ID Code of your Upline Sponsor that serves as a referral to the company.
If it happens that you are the sponsor, you can give your ID Code to your downline.
please check the link on how to get your unique ID Code.The green arrow ask you the USER ID and SECURITY PIN which is located at the back of your Registration Card. After filling-up all the necessary details above, click the Save button. After that, you will be prompted to 2 confirmations if all the details are correct.And finally, you will be redirected into your DTC Dashboard.
That’s it! WELCOME TO ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL! Happy Networking! Contact me on this number +2347030623546

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