Public School VS Private School Debate

   School Debate

Topic: Government and Private school which one is more corrupt?

First of all, I would like to start by defining government and private school. “Government school is a learning organization set up by the government to help the citizens. This organization is being managed by the government”. While a private school is a learning organization set up by an individual for profit making. This type of school is being managed by an individual.Secondly, I would say or go for the motion which says government schools are more corrupt than the private schools with the following points of mine.

 In government schools, activities like sex, homosexuals, cultism, lesbianism, etc., are been found easily while in private schools such activities are not easily found and if found the student will be expel from the school.

The dressing code of the private schools is more responsible than that of the government schools. For instance, some government school students usually fly out their school uniform in and outside the school environment while in private schools such act cannot be condo.

Moreover, I would like to speak on the character of the students. In government schools, the students do not show a single respect to the authority talk of the seniors. While in private schools the rules and regulations are being obeyed by the students.

Finally, their mode of conduct in classroom; in government schools while lessons are going you will see some students outside the classroom playing or chatting while in private schools you cannot see a student outside the classroom without permission.

With these following points of mine I hope I have been able to convince you not to confuse you that government schools are more corrupt than the private schools. Thanks

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