Alkaline Liven Coffee benefits; Regular coffee intake has been shown to increase stomach acidity (hyperacidity), which will eventually caused ulcer, acid reflux, cancer, hearth problems and other diseases. Alkaline foods neutralize the acids in the body and it promotes faster absorption of food nutrients. The coffee from liven is not like the other regular coffee out there that triggers hyperacidity. Liven is the world’s first alkaline coffee and if you have hyper acidity problem, this is the right coffee for you.

Liven Alkaline Coffee From Aim Global Benefits 

Health Benefits of Alkaline Liven Coffee

Lowers cholesterol level
Helps balance the body’s PH level
Helps prevent cancer of any origin
Protects against heart diseases and complications
Prevents degenerative diseases such as arthritis & Rheumatism
Controls high-blood pressure
Enhances, nourishes, strengthens and balances the immune system
Reduces the risk of developing type II diabetes
Enhances sexual vitality
Promotes healthy blood circulation and cell regeneration
Improves performance and endurance during exercise
Rejuvenates Skin
Reduces fatigue
Enhances concentration
Heightens alertness
Relieves headache
Increases sperm motility
Offset damage of smoking and heavy alcohol intake

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