Discover scam/fake Cryptocurrencies websites

A lot of my friends have been trapped by some of these hungry site owners in the name of CRYPTOCURRENCY sites. Beware of them to avoid had i know.

On this page I am posting the domains of fake/scam websites I have come across. These websites were obviously set up to scam people. If you have come across any such websites that are not listed here, please let me know. Please note that I will not post here the website of any registered broker, who is regulated by the regulatory body of a country.

List of scam Cryptocurrency sites

If you are a representative or owner of any of these websites and you want to remove your website from the list, contact the regulatory body and provide the registration and regulation numbers. If you provide proof of registration and regulation, We will remove the website address from the list immediately. Thanks.

You can register with this link let me show you the best place to trade on.


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